Medical Imaging Innovator Joins CardioWise™ as Chief Executive Officer

Jack Coats Brings Leadership and Innovation to New Cardiac Diagnostic Imaging Company

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.– Aug. 1, 2012 – Mr. Jack Coats has joined CardioWise as its Chief Executive Officer. CardioWise, Inc. was formed in 2011 to commercialize patent pending technology for whole heart health analysis licensed exclusively from Washington University in St. Louis, with the goal of becoming the global provider of the best available heart health analysis products. Technology development at Washington University was funded by more than $15 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health and the results of the research have been published in 15 peer-reviewed publications.

Mr. Coats, a long-time entrepreneur, has over 30 years of experience in medical device, medical imaging and nanotechnology companies. He has overseen several successful product introductions for a number of companies. In addition, he has led companies in the areas of planning and strategy, as well as building a lucrative surgical planning business that led to the establishment of a Vision RT, Ltd., a medical imaging company that specializes in image-guided radiation treatments. He currently serves as a board member for the company and assisted with guidance, angel financing, and mentorship for the executive team. He also serves on the Advisory Boards of the Center of Innovation for Nanobiotechnology and the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association.

Mr. Coats was instrumental in formulating the strategic plan for life sciences for Xradia, Inc. that helped to establish the company as the technology leader in preclinical bone research. In this position, he developed a partnership with a major pharmaceutical company that led to a collaborative clinical trial for an osteoporosis drug. At Nucletron Corporation, his leadership turned around a company in decline and returned it to growth and profitability by redirecting company efforts into the development of body site-specific cancer treatments. In addition, he brings experience in clinical trials, licensing, reimbursement, funding, marketing, and launching new technology for medical devices and imaging companies.

Mr. Coat’s distinctions include being an invited speaker and panelist to the United States Congress at the Science and the Congress Project, “Educating to Advance Nanotechnology,” sponsored by the American Chemical Society in January, 2008 and being named as one of the Top 10 Imaging Executives in a 2004 Industry Poll. He worked with the NanoBusiness Alliance to advocate for reauthorization of $1.5B in annual funding for the National Nanotechnology Initiative and new authorization of $15M for the Nanotechnology in the Schools Act.

Mr. Coats will lead efforts to develop CardioWise’s diagnostic technology into a successful new product. The CardioWise analysis solution will be made available to cardiac care professionals worldwide through a cloud-based, Software as a Service platform. The product would provide an interactive report to the professional and patient. He will also pursue the acquisition and development of other technologies that will advance the mission of CardioWise to provide the best possible cardiac care.

CardioWise™ is commercializing patent-pending, non-invasive Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (cMRI) analysis software that produces a quantified 3D image model of the human heart, called Multiparametric Strain (MPS™) heart analysis. CardioWise heart analysis software combined with cardiac MRI is a single diagnostic test that is able to provide quantitative analysis of the myocardium, arteries and valves with an unprecedented level of detail. It has the opportunity to become the new gold standard of care for heart health analysis. CardioWise™ is a VIC Technology Venture Development™ portfolio company.